Top 20 Best skateboard decks Review

best skateboard decks

As we know about the name top 10 skateboard decks, the top skateboard decks is a flat board of wood, which is used the move from one place to another place using to our legs or good skateboards decks.

The top 10 skateboard decks is a small piece of wood, which is converting into the flat board shape. As we all know the top 10 skateboard decks is worked with four wheels attached to it. A single person stands on it & give the direction on his feet, but sometimes many “good skateboards decks” work from Bluetooth, Batteries and much more product’s.

Basically, the top 10 skateboard decks are manufactured in two parts:-

  • The actual Boards(the Decks)
  • The Wood Wheels

Basically, the average top Skateboard Decks is 32” (inch). The height of that skateboard is the 0.5” (inch) or 1.3 cm, width is 8” (inch) or 20.3 cm and the thickness is 0.5” (inch) or 1.3 cm. The Skateboard Wheels are normally made “polyurethane” & the width of those wheels about 1.3 – 1.5” (inch) or 3.-3.8 cm.

The first good skateboards decks come into the 1960s for the widespread comes into the waves from.

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History of Best Skateboard Decks:-

As we known, the first skateboard has come into the 1930s, But it’s wrong. The Skateboard came into the 1904s, but at that time there is no proper evidence to prove that, that skateboard be produced into 1904s. In South California, a skate-scooter was ready, for fruit’s crates with attached the wheels at the bottom. The early skateboard was made into 2×4 ft. (61×121.9 cm) a part of timber and four metal wheel of roller good skateboards decks.

The first decks are contrived in the 1950s to know something about the top Skateboard Decks. The top 10 skateboard decks grow to be particularly in style between surfing in California. In 1965s, the first competition was made for the Skateboard.

After five to six years later, there was a misrepresented interest in skateboard while wheels complete of polyurethane be set up. When the polyurethane wheels were used into Skateboard, at that time the control & the stunts were easier to perform that.

Final History:-

But at the end of the 1970s, the Skateboarding yet again become contentious following it became recognized harmful actions. Owed to the amount of harshness of the damage skate parks closed in fear of lawsuits.

Again, the Skateboard was popular in the 1980s due to the different type of material were used into creating the different type of skateboard with skateboarding tape characteristic Skateboard drama very hard and dangerous stunts on the slope stairway and still that they were performed stunts on to the handrails to get the focus on them.

In the center of 1990s, the Skateboarding again the most popular game, Because the sports channel’s (like ESPN, MTV’s, X_GAMES) were exposure that game due to the high profile competitions. The Skateboard was the first most popular game at that time.


Raw Material of Top Skateboard Decks:-

Basically, good skateboards decks wheels are made from polyurethane, But best skateboard deck” is made from wood, Nylon, fiber etc. Usually, we are using ball bearings and grip tape to create the good skateboards decks.

Design of Top Skateboard Decks:-

The Top Skateboard Decks wheels have several designs, which are depending on the decks. Basically, the decks manufacture companies drawing on the figure of the timber, but some of the skateboards are created on a computer, some are also completed by hand.

How to Choose the best Skateboard Decks:-

When you choose the best Skateboard Deck for you, first you see the top and bottom side’s edges. This look gives an idea, how your deck looks like, especially when you are shopping online.


Basically, the length of good skateboards decks taken from its nose to down tail. Basically, its normal range is 28” and 32”.

Here, it’s important to what’s use of the top 10 skateboard decks?

If you want to do the ride in the street and other places (like road, park etc.), at that time you probably need a shortboard.

But the longboard is only using for the professional Skateboard  & those person’s they loves to cruise around his town.


Basically, the width of a top skateboard deck taken as the according to the general rule. Basically, its normal range is 7.5” and 8.75”.It also depends on your riding style as well as Skateboard deck.

Sometimes, you are wanted to learn some new skills, and a wider deck can offer more room on your feet.


Wheel Base:-

Basically, the wheelbase is defined as the distance between two sets of mounting holes drilled into the decks. The range falls between 13” -15”, By the way, the desired distance is usually set by the rider’s, it’s their personal choice.

When a wheelbase plays a crucial role in how a rider feels when he/she do the skating.

Nose & Tail:-

If you are new for the Skateboard, then you can differentiate from the looking to it.

However, all the decks sold in the market have graphics that identify this difference it.


The rails running along with the length of the decks. The most of the decks come with the rails.


Mostly the decks are seven piles, but you want to spend some more money on your best skateboard deck, you can get a supremely strong good skateboards decks.


Choosing the style of best skateboard decks:- 

Basically, the good skateboards decks come into the four basic shapes & each every shape’s is made for a specific style of decks:-

  • Shortboard
  • Cruiser
  • Old School
  • Longboard


  • Shortboards: – This Skateboard is used only for performing Skateboard tricks. If you are a regular street or park skater, then this type of good skateboards decks is perfect for you.
  • Cruiser: – Basically this type of skateboard have used for the kicktails & they are designed for the cruising around. These types of top skateboard decks usually have mid-length. If you want to cruise around the town, this type of top skateboard decks is very good.
  • Old School: – The top skateboard decks looks like the nose and kicktails and has an asymmetrical shape. This type of skateboard decks is used into the ramps, pools and carving stunts.
  • Longboards:-In this type of top skateboard decks, the professional riders are used to that type of skateboard. The longboards Skateboard is designed as the low to down shape for the downhill racing.  


Understanding Skateboard Concave Shapes: –

In these days, there are multiple concave shapes are introduced in the market, this is helpful in the sliding, drifting and turning.

In the below section, there are multiple types of concave or shapes:-

  • Radial Concave
  • Progressive Concave
  • W-concave
  • Tub
  • Asymmetrical
  • Convex
  • Flat

Description of Skateboard Concave Shapes:-

  • Radial Concave:-

    This is most common shape, which is form as the ‘U’ and many riders use it. In this type of concave the foot gripping is too good.

  • Progressive concave:-

    It’s an upgraded version of radial concave. In this type of shapes the result of foot secure is good as well as the foot feel as the locked.

  • W-concave:-

    The W-Concave type of shapes provide an extra curve in the center line & it also allowing the provide the more energy from the heel as well as the toe. These types of top skateboard decks provide more precision; responsiveness and briskness while the skating.

  • Tub:-

    This type of “top skateboard decks” is also known as “Flat-cave”. It is similar to radial concave, but it provides the sharp angle along the rails of the decks. It assists to provide the shifts Energy from your feet.

  • Asymmetrical:-

    This type of shape is found into the concave shapes, this deck allows the rider more power in the heels.

  • Convex:-

    This type of decks has the opposite to the concave shape. These types of decks have an upward-arching shape & these concave are made for only an only skater, who rides downhill.

  • Flat:-

    A few cutouts and dropdown longboard have this shape, It also provides the space for your feet and also allow to perform some tricks.

Other Features:-
Few topics are left out, which we will discuss it here on
  • Camber & Rocker: – The Camber skateboard decks are the ones with a raised, while rockers have dropped middle.
  • Kicktail: – The kicktail curve is upward on the ends of the decks; they love the deck with this type of curve is important to have it for shape turns, sliders, and pivots.

Construction of best skateboard decks: –

Before we started, it’s important to know how to skateboard deck is constructed. It’s creating by a various manufacturer to manufacturer, but the basic steps are the same.

All the manufacturing companies are used wood ply to create the top 10 skateboard decks because this type of wood ply is more durability and flexibility, that’s why it’s easily to molded into different- different stapes. As I earlier told the multiple manufacturer companies to use the 7 no. of ply maple wood or 9 no. ply to make the top 10 skateboard decks and pressed the all plywood to provide the solid platform of the top 10 skateboard Decks.

After, the placing of the entire wood ply layer, they have placed in a hydraulic press, which presses the layers into one. After that, they press the deck to dries the glue and that holds the pliers firmly together. Finally, when the decks are ready at that time the manufacturer companies do the seal and polishing on decks to send the market for sale.

Best Skateboard Decks Brand Reviews: –

So now we are looking the best Skateboard decks and choosing the best skateboard decks.

We have studied the market, the 20 best Skateboard decks in the markets. These are the following: –

  • Birdhouse Skateboard  Walker Money Deck
  • Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard
  • Element Section Black 7.75
  • Bamboo Skateboard  Green Fish Graphic
  • Enjoi Spectrum Black 8.0” Resin 7
  • Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White
  • Moose Set of 5 Blank
  • Real Skateboard  Davis Torgeson Spectrum Low Pro II
  • Powell-Peralta Flight Skateboard
  • Bamboo Skateboard  Geometricity Graphic
  • Vision original Psycho Stick Reissue
  • Bamboo Skateboard  Nebula Graphic
  • Enjoi White Spectrum 8.0
  • Sk8mafia OG Logo PP 8.0
  • Ztuntz Skateboard  “Bucktee Plankton” Park
  • Alien Workshop Deprivation
  • Baker Trailer Park Boys Ostrander 8.125”
  • Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue
  • Vision original MG Reissue
  • Blank 7.5” white





Birdhouse Skateboard Walker Money Deck: –

The Birdhouse is good skateboards decks are individual the most excellent feature item, which were designed by an American company. It’s a strong timber and creates by the finest material. This deck is also well-known use for the hard structure with cool graphics.

Whether the skating does the at the street, playground this article be the best for do that. Basically, this deck length is 8.25” and it’s also made for the long stand on the deck & allows performing the tricks.

I know the width isn’t much more but still, I liked this skateboard deck. Because this deck gives extra support and stability when you travel on the skate.


  • Guarantee against all manufacturing defects
  • excellence material used
  • Hard-rock Canadian maple wood


  • Width is less

Birdhouse Skateboards Walker Monkey Deck_Best-skateboard_skateboardertoday.jpeg

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Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard: –

If you be serious about this deck that time the rider of skating, this item is good for you. It’s doesn’t issue how much time you use it. In the Simple way, this item with quality and a reasonable price.

For an example, The “Steve Caballero” (he is a professional Skater) also recommends the “Powel Golden Skateboard ”.

Because the deck quality is too good, that’s why you don’t worry about the use of it & how to use it or ride it. This type of decks had the instance display- printed graphics as well as press from AirLam.

In general term, this item is providing the strong grip & it’s highly recovered polyurethane swing for gripping and soft rolling.


  • Construction is too strong and durable
  • Concave k-12 for grip
  • AirLam maple, that increases his life period


  • Bearing quality is poor

Powczell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard_top-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday


Buy now from Amazon

Element Section Black 7.75: –

This element is famous for quality and its manufacturing along with the main cutting-edge skill and top-notch resources use forgive the stability and functionality. While it is a modern deck, but still it’s showing the nature of traditional decks.

This deck made from 7-ply of maple timber finish be prepared to stand the solidity of the decks.

This skateboard deck is good for the intermediates. The size of the deck is 7.75” in the width and 31.25” is the length, which is ideal for every skater. By the way, this deck looks as the thicker and inflexible.


  • Graphics looking is too good
  • Deck base is stiffer and extremely & lightweight
  • Maple Wood is solid


  • Deck price is too high

Element Section Black 7.75_good-skateboard_skatebordertoday

Buy now from Amazon

Bamboo Skateboard Green Fish Graphic: –

This type of decks is made from the bamboo type of wood. This brand is made for the high-quality standard deck from the talk the excellence itself.

It’s doesn’t matter, you are a beginner or a skater who is interested in incredible new, this green fish Graphic deck for you. If you want to buy this type of decks, at that time just see that & you told about the deck price. This type of deck is has a short tail and a edge along with the “U outline”. The dipped of this type of the decks is deeper as compared to other decks. It offering the best control while riding, attractive solid turns or performing behavior.

While this item is good for a pro-rider deck. So many beginner’s they satisfied with his performance. Probably this first product that uses maple and bamboo together.


These types of decks are available in the three sizes:

  1. 7” x 31.5”
  2. 8” x 75”
  3. 25” x 32”

Overall this product is good, stretchy strong and providing good performing during the riding experience & you can also, said that the skateboard is good skateboards decks according to this performance.


  • Graphics looking is too good
  • lightweight
  • provide the more flexibility & provide more protection


  • The Shape is not attractive


Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic_skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

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Enjoi Spectrum Black 8.0” Resin 7: –

This product is famous for his “neon graphic”. This is good user-experience is guaranteed. Basically, these types of decks have a width of 8” or the length is 31.7”.it’s offer more grip and immovability when you walk.

This deck is promoting as a “appropriate for every skill stage”, so doesn’t matter what is your skill, you be able to get this deck and enjoy your ride. It is too flexible….because this type of skate is used at the lanes, pool, slopes, parks, and vert. These types of decks use to solve the all type of scratch at any level.


  • Attractive Graphics
  • Durable
  • Made for all skill levels


  • Griping not good

Enjoi Spectrum Black 8.0″ Resin 7_best-skateboard-decks_skatebordertoday


Buy now from Amazon

Baker Brand logo Deck-8.0 Black/white: –

Baker brand deck use for ride and roll. It made from 7-ply maple timber surface push. On this deck, the logo is designed of classic baker type. When you are standing on this deck you feel grippy.

The width of the Baker Brand logo deck is 8” and the length is 32”. That is perfect for the all skill-level skateboard rider the item is existing in two colors but size is one type. It is also the best gift used for your children or any other friend because the prize for this item is more affordable.

Finally, this skateboard decks help out to get better your act, recommend improved hold and feels great under the feet.


  • Multiple color options
  • Durable
  • Made for all skill levels


  • A coat is too high
  • Grip tape does not come

Baker Brand Logo Deck_top-skateboard-decks_skatebordertoday

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Moose Set of 5 Blank: –

The moose deck is not a beautiful deck. It offers you an immediate feeling of “Confusion” and assists in the good constancy and stability on the lane. This deck measures 31” long and this deck is made by the 7-ply Canadian maple timber.

It has the radical U-shape for providing the more stability. It’s doesn’t issue how quick you are skating. These types of deck are perfect for the journey and performing arts tricks. Person’s people who like the skating ability, this type of decks are best for them. This type of deck is also ideal for every group and skills levels.


  • Perfect for beginners to improve their skills
  • Price is low
  • High Stability and durability


  • Single deck is not given

Moose Set of 5 Blank_good-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

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Real Skateboards Davis Torgeson Spectrum Low Pro II: –

This is a longboard, it means the length is 32.56” and the width is 8.38” and it looks stylish at the riding time. It is the long and wider board, that’s why it’s perfect for every ability stages whether you be a learner, who improves his skills. This deck is perfect for those who love the ride in the speed.

When you have purchased this deck, at that time you will get the good skateboards decks a sheet of hold strip. Here we have also customized the graphics as your choice.

By the way, it is a costly choice, but it’s value your capital and would final years to get nearer.


  • Graphics looking is good
  • Grip tape has come with this deck
  • Made for all skills


  • Price is too high

Real Skateboards Davis Torgeson Spectrum Low Pro II_best-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

Buy now from Amazon

Powell-Peralta Flight Skateboard: –

Powell Peralta is the upcoming top skateboard decks. This is the best deck due to “great fresh” Graphics on the top. This good skateboard deck is having the k20 concave, it appear good and smooth. This deck is also strong or lighter & it ready from 7-ply maple timber.

When you ride on this one two hours after this, you can feel like you have been amazed, that a normal 7-ply deck doesn’t allow it. In a simple way, this deck is made to improve your skateboarding skills. This type of deck is also used for the ramps, stairs, pools, slide down, toss it, flip it etc. each and every time you get the perfect landing. The tail & nose are angled at 18 degrees, which is given on the deck. The surface of this deck is layer by “Shiny black environment which gives a good mirror image on the artwork on it. The one and only drawback are “this good skateboards decks price is too high”.


  • Graphics looking is good
  • Grip tape has come with this deck
  • Made for all skills


  • Price is too high

Powell-Peralta Flight Skateboard_good-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

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Bamboo Skateboard Geometricity Graphic: –

Bamboo all the times provides the durability and beautiful graphics, which is easy for the maneuver, that’s why you improve skills. The bamboo use is very hard and light at the equal occasion. These good skateboards decks are made from the six-layer of the bamboo and pushed jointly to build physically powerful the seventh layer is ready of maple timber because it can be shaped easily.

The control of this deck is good because the concave shape is deep. This good skateboard deck is available into the three different sizes:-

  1. 75” X 31.5”
  2. 8” X 75”
  3. 25” X 32”

If you are a beginner in riding, then you are going with longboard decks.

Overall, this product is ended to maintain in any environment and turn any terrain not including wear or tear.


  • Bamboo and maple wood used for the ultimate strength
  • Lightweight
  • Grip tape has come with this deck
  • Made for all skills


  • No Drawbacks

Bamboo Skateboards Geometricity Graphic_Skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

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Vision Original Psycho stick Reissue: –

The vision deck is traditional design. It available into the eight exclusive colors along with nice graphics. This skateboard is created in America with the best quality materials. This deck is 30” long and the width is 10”.

This deck prepared for those people, who have a tough time to maintain his balance.

The overall this model is much modern & the concave shape is too low, which is ideal for perform ticks at anywhere.  Basically, this deck is good for that rider’s who take over his riding skill to the next level.


  • High-quality maple wood used
  • Low concave shape
  • Made in the USA


  • Too much expensive than a regular deck

Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue_good-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

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Bamboo Skateboard Nebula Graphic: –

The nebula skateboard decks are the part of the Earth sequence and the madding material is more stability, durability and more sustainable. This deck gives the longer and improved presentation on the way

The top method to find the best bamboo is the heat printed symbol on the top it.

Just like, a bamboo deck, this deck is also make bamboo and the maple woods are pressed together. Here this deck has six level of the bamboo and the last layer is maple timber on the top.

Overall, this deck is good for the environment as well as its design is good & the coast is also low that’s why it’s easily gettable.


  • High-quality maple wood used
  • Deep concave shape better for riding and control
  • Affordable
  • Unique design


  • This is not good for flip tricks


Bamboo Skateboards Nebula Graphic_best-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

Buy now from Amazon

Enjoi White Spectrum 8.0: –

The color of the “Enjoi deck” is white, that’s it’s looking attractive, and the logo is also different from other top skateboard decks. In this type of skateboard decks, the logo is designed among a colorful color pattern. The logo is an eye-catching design, slick and compact.

This type of top skateboard decks is ended from 7-ply solid Canadian maple, which wears and tears of any terrain or background. This deck width is 8” and the length is 31.75” long. If you want to learn the flip tricks, so this skateboard deck is perfect to learn flip tricks. It also ended for all times and riders with all skill stages.

Overall, this skateboard deck provides the hold and constancy at any place.


  • Design is good
  • Single 7ply construction
  • Durable
  • Made for all skill levels


  • Its graphics don’t last long

Enjoi White Spectrum_good-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

Buy now from Amazon

Sk8mafia OG Logo PP 8.0: –

The Sk8mafia is a good skateboards decks that is the individual the best skateboard Deck. It is a clean and easy design with shred, grind, and pllie build OG logo. The shape of this skateboard Deck appear large on the way.

This type of deck is ended from the 7-ply maple timber with it takes the reasonability against all developed fault

Basically, the top 10 skateboard decks, wheels, & helmets are used to recover your skateboarding skills, if you brush it, then it will remain full till the coming years.

All though it comes into an only one color choice. But still you will like the act it, then you want to buy it.


  • Design is clean
  • Durable
  • Guaranteed against all manufacturing defects


  • Too Expensive

Sk8mafia OG Logo PP_top-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

Buy now from Amazon

ZtuntZ Skateboard “Bucktee Plankton” Park: –

ZtuntZ deck is a unique deck made from the excellence and satisfaction. If you want to recurrent road rider, then you need to this deck. This deck is used in bowels and parts.

This deck has the Ollie POP, which appear hard to believe and provide you your own approach while riding. When you are performing in the road, pool, and vert, at that time you like your performance. This deck is made from 7- ply rock maple & aerial bond.

All the resources are used in the creation of this deck that is complete in the USA and the design of good skateboards decks is made by Performance Deck.


  • 100% made in the USA
  • Durable & strong with 7-ply


  • The producer asserts its light, but it feels too heavy.

ZtuntZ Skateboards “Bucktee Plankton” Park"_best-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday


Buy now from Amazon

Alien Workshop Deprivation: –

If you not familiar with this type of good skateboards decks, at that time you are absent this skateboard deck fun.

Basically, this deck is providing the top immovability and the foot griping, when you do the riding.

The graphic of this deck’ head is looking very impressive and feel very light when you ride, so you can easily perform your skills. Basically, this deck is made from the 7-ply further solid maple timber with a single and powerful push.



  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Strong Construction of extra hard maple


  • A coat is too high
  • No Grip tape Included

Alien Workshop Deprivation_top-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

Buy now from Amazon

Baker Trailer Park Boys Ostrander 8.125”: –

This type of deck is made from the 7-ply solid Canadian maple timber, that maple wood comes with interior trucks, 52mm TGM sign. This deck steering wheel amphetamine Abec 5 manner black shape, grip string and 1” hardware for every your wishes.

Into a simple way, you will get all part of good skateboards decks and you are chosen for your choice list. The cost is low as compared to other manufactured skateboarders company price.


  • wheel, trucks, hardware included
  • Durable & strong
  • 7-ply structure with maple timber


  • No disadvantages

Baker Trailer Park Boys Ostrander_top-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday


Buy now from Amazon

Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue: –

Vision deck is the cheapest skateboard decks. The Company makes this type of deck for the most favorable act and stability that can final in the extended run.

The Company makes this deck board from the top feature material and boards with some beautiful graphics. This type of deck provides the balance at the flip tricks and swiftness behind the hill.

By the way, it is the worth the spend the money.


  • Multiple color choice
  • Hardness


  • Little bit Expensive

Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue_oggd-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

Buy now from Amazon

Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue: –

It is the classical deck with several nice-looking neon graphics and stability, which is the unmatched

It is a good skateboard deck has a large width that is 10” and the length is 30”, which gives you enough space to perform your flip tricks.

The company makes this skateboard into the USA and these top 10 skateboard decks have a current truck whole pattern.

All through this deck has an old & classical style, which loves it & you can also, said that skateboard is good skateboards decks according to these performances.


  • Low Concave
  • Finished from the best excellence material
  • Neon Graphics


  • Neon Graphics design is poor

Vision Original MG Reissue_best_skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday

Buy now from Amazon

Blank 7.5” white: –

This type best skateboard decks is finished for only and only the expert players. This type of deck is developed in North America and the pushed from northern hard rock maple and covered with Franklin fraction Glue scheme.

The graphic is good on the top, and it arrives among a separate grip tape. The base surface of this deck looks like the natural.

If you want to trip on the road, jump into the pools; go down on the hills at that time this hit won’t chip a small

These decks give the top speed knowledge, and also give the ideal manage and constancy to execute the hard tricks and breaks.


  • Made for Professional Decks for Professional skills
  • Long concave for highest solidity
  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight


  • Durability is low

Blank 7.5″ White_top-skateboard-decks_skateboardertoday


Buy now from Amazon

Whenever you want to purchase any good skateboards decks at that time, you see only the peak and base area. We give a thought of which type of best skateboard deck you want to purchase it.

GPs or gas pedal Rails

people kneni rail found as “GPs or gas pedal Rails” at that time. People users this to reduce the sharpness of rail but the GPs are more comforts at the sliding time.

  • Ply:-Basically, the ply is wood, which used to make deck base. All the decks are 7 layers, but if you want to use a little more money, then you have the make the 9 layer deck.
  • Choosing the Style:-Basically, the top 10 skateboard decks have four categories, which is following…
  • Shortboards:- We use this type of boards for performing the skateboards tricks.
  • Cruiser:-These types of boards have the kicktails and we design this type of deck for the cruising around.
  • Old Schools:-We use this type of deck for the skating at the pools, slope or figure the street.
  • Longboard:- The professional skaters use the longboard decks. They use this deck for the racing at downhill.

Skateboard Concave Shapes: –

The concave play the critical role in your top 10 skateboard decks. The few general curved in shape to believe:-

  • Radial concave:-This is the most ordinary outline which is in the shape “U” and most of the deck makes use of it.
  • Progressive Concave:-This deck concave is the upgraded version.
  • W-Concave:-We use this type of concave deck to get the more accuracy, reaction, and speed at the same time as skating.
  • Tub:-We know this type of deck concave of flat-cave. It is like to the radial concave but the pointed approach along rails of the deck.
  • Asymmetrical:- We find this curved in figure in decks. This concave provides the more control in the heels.
  • Convex:– It’s totally reverse to the curved in figure. This is only for the pro skaters for down riders.
  • Flat:-This gives more gap for your foot and as well as permits performing some tricks.


If this article is useful to you? We give the best information to you about each and every good skateboards decks.

Now, it’s your time to choose the best skateboard decks for you and start your good skateboards decks journey.

If you have any question regarding the best skateboard decks, please ask us. It’s my own to give an answer.



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