Top 17 best skateboard Wheels Review

best skateboard wheels

Here, we are talking about the best skateboard wheels In 2018, some good skateboard wheels are going to increase your performance with help of skate wheels, as well as they increase riding skill on the skateboard wheels.

We spend multiple days to find out, which skateboards wheels are best. So you don’t wary about it.

Best Skateboards Wheels Brand Reviews

So now we are looking for the best Skateboards wheels.

We have studied the market, the 17 good skateboards wheels” in the markets. These are the following: –

  • Spitfire Bighead 51mm White W Blue
  • Pig Wheels Head Blue
  • Mini Logo Skateboards C-Cut 53mm 101A
  • ABEC 11 Freeride Centerset Green
  • Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue
  • Shark Wheel California Roll
  • Spitfire Classic Series High-performance
  • Ricta, Clouds 78a
  • Everland 65X51mm
  • Pro Skateboard Wheels(White)
  • Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Cruising
  • Orangatang In Heat 75mm Downhill Cruising
  • Spitfire Bighead 52mm
  • Spitfire Formula 4 101d classic 53mm White W Red
  • Santa Cruz Skateboards Slime Balls Neon Green
  • Ricta Clouds 86a
  • Spitfire Bighead 53mm White W Green

Spitfire Bighead 51mm White W Blue

You can belive on this type of good skateboard wheels. These types of best skateboard wheels are finished in the USA with the good quality materials. You can’t face any issue in the skate wheels.  These types of the skate wheels are made for the long time period and the manufacturing companies take the responsibility for the defects.

The best skateboard wheels, you get the set of the skate wheels set with 51mm diameter and the 99a durometer among a extensive outline and the pretty treaded surface. If you have a high durometer, at rest the size may be increased for the better gripping and increase your speed.

This type skate wheel improves the grip on the treaded surface. The 99a durometer is made for the pools and playing field, but you be the normal rider, at that time these items are mandatory for your good skateboard wheels.


  • 51mm diameter for a beginner, which is ideal for beginner
  • 99a durometer provide the better speed or grip
  • The Wide area gives the extra grip
  • This wheel comes into the white along with imperial blue which looks pretty.


  • No disadvantages

Spitfire Bighead 51mm White W Blue_best skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Pig Wheels Head Blue

The Pig wheels be the good skateboard wheels. It comes into the 100 durometer with the wrapped into the ice white Polyurethane, which provides the nice looking. The logo of this skate wheel is existing within the 50mm to 60mm.

In this type of skate wheel, the grip, pace, and constancy are better due to the grooved surface. Several Companies gives the smooth area, but the cost of those wheels is high, that’s why I recommend to these types of skateboard wheels.

Also, these types of skate wheels are wider as compare to other standard wheels. Even that you be trip fast, at that time these skate wheels providing the constancy and manage.

These types of good skateboard wheels be ideal for the pool and bowl.

If you want to ride in the street or you want to lean about the skateboard decks and skateboard wheels, this type of sakte wheels is perfect for it.


  • 52mm
  • 101A durometer
  • Usual Color
  • Pace and grip along with constancy


  • Not For Beginners

Pig Wheels Head Blue_skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Mini-Logo Skateboards C-Cut 53mm 101A

This type of good skateboard wheels provides the value of your money. These types of skate wheels have super-high rebound formulas, which provide the better traction and speed.

They provide C-Cut wheels, which is very reasonable and perfect for the street skating. These types of skate wheels are made only for the expert riders.

It main to make out that give the minimum traction for the advanced riding. The treaded surface makes a sure grip on the flat area.

The grouping of simple graphics and mini logo provides the best performance in the market.


  • choice with the high and ongoing urethane
  • A-cup figure for every land
  • Finished for expert players


  • Extremely thin, not used for a beginner

Mini-Logo Skateboards C-Cut 53mm 101A_skate wheels_skateboardertoday


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ABEC 11 Freeride Centerset Green

The ultra-free riding provides the riding experience for the ultra-fast spot on skate wheels. This type of skate wheels is 39mm make contact with the regular shape and features better wear used for a longer duration.

The edge outline is good-looking surrounding and steeper wall at the equal occasion This offers your skate wheels were Equally all the means down to the center.

If you desire to flip around them with ware down, then it is easy. As well as this type of skate wheels offers the similar act, due to the middle set behavior core.

This skateboard wheels best for the cruising, carving, slashing and sliding. This item also place the normal for all open trip wheels. Overall, these skate wheels provide a even trip among with improved hold and constancy.


  • Quick, flat and drifty
  • Life longer
  • Made for the all trip on every form of area


  • Market price to too high

ABEC 11 Freeride Centerset Green_good skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue

The Power Peralta Wheels be identified for their excellence put up constancy and grip. This product is perfect for the tour skate parks, and trouble. This is perfect for the take the part in the Tomfoolery.

These types of wheel provide the improved constancy and stability. The good skateboard wheels will come into the 90a durometer expect for the black which will come in 85a.

As well as, they be very smooth, that means there are fewer plane rubbing & it’s make easier to glide.


  • 60mm size, which is ideal for the group of actors
  • 90a solidity, building it quick
  • Perfect for the parks, lane pool etc.
  • 44m width is best for the stability


  • Black color wheels come into the 85a durometer

Power Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue_skateboard cruiser wheels_skateboardertoday

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Shark Wheel California Roll

It is a classic longboard. This type of wheels is usually used for the see the around in figure, but these are four-sided figure in figure but elegantly engineered.

The traditional items are actually smooth and multiple time periods earlier, in addition, these four-sided figure skate wheels provide extra hold, sliding, manage, and traction.

So, the rider wants to examination out reinvention of this good skateboard wheels, so in front with try it nowadays


  • 60mm diameter which build for the ideal for group of actors
  • 78a durometer
  • Multiple periods quicker
  • Big for uneven landscape


  • Very Costly expensive

Shark Wheel California Roll_best skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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pitfire Classic Series High-Performance

The type of 4 skateboard wheels set comes into the 10 different-different colors. In this type of wheels are 51mm in diameter and 101a durometer providing the additional quick and solid at the on point in time?

All though, this type of skateboard wheels are the thin or large wheel, but they are ideal for the majority of the states. It has extra standard figure and is completely ended for the learner riders.

The surface of these skateboard wheels are even there is a reduced amount of smoothness is low as balanced to other wheels, that’s why the slider is too easier. Sometimes, many crazy fans want to do the stuns from the best skateboard wheels, at that time this is good skateboard wheels good for them.

It proposes a exclusive scratch opposing to less level sports. Not just that, you too get the hold, eternal speed and a flat slide, which offer the best knowledge still.

At last, it offers the more speed, even that you also get the better control during the pointed turn and down rides.


  • The range of the durometer is 99a-101a
  • The shape is classical
  • 100% made with good excellence material
  • Assurance beside any developed fault


  • If you like the power sliding, then this type of wheel fails.

Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance_skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Ricta, Clouds 78a

The good skateboard wheels offer great playful and quick wheels which easily more the roughest land. The current figures are lighter in the weight. If you want to go for a ride in the city, at that time this wheel gives the most hold on the road. Some stunt man performs the best stunt from these wheels.

The normal figure build ideal for all land and also build them appropriate for the learner riders.

This type of wheels give a glossy covering on the surface, that is called casing or mould free, that assist to insert extra hold and grip when you are riding.

These types of wheels appear in the multiple colors and durometer choice:-

  • Black and Red duotone: 86A
  • White and Red: 86A
  • Black and Blue Duotone: 78A
  • Crystal Blue/Red/Clear: 78A
  • White and Blue: 78A

The diameter choice are 52mm to 60mm. Pick the best wheels as your need.


  • Multiple Colors available
  • Diameter and durometer variety is different for different – different riders
  • Reasonable cost
  • Assurance next to any developed fault


  • A little bit costly

Ricta, Clouds 78a_skate wheels_skateboardertoday

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Everland 65x51mm

These types of skateboard wheels are very beautiful in the first look. The plan approach in many color and the diameter is 51mm. they are powerful sufficient to grip flip and turn

If you doing the continue riding on the street, then you should contain the Everland’s products. The 4-wheels set is finished by the choice polyurethane fabric which makes sure a good trip.

Overall, this item is hopeful give a fine trip skill.


  • Approach in a set of the 4 cruiser wheels
  • Strong and extended durable
  • Available in more than 12 colors
  • Ideal for the learner


  • They have a very odd chemical-like smell

Everland 65x51mm_good skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Pro Skateboard Wheels (White)

The pro skateboard wheels come into the pure white color, which gives the glamour look. It comes in a group of 4 and the diameter is 53mm to 54mm single. In short, this is perfect for the learner riders.

Once you are performing on the highway, then these skateboards products are no exception, they very strong and they impression like a pro. This product cost is less than 20$, you get top objects for your best skateboards wheels.

Since this product is ready for the beginner riders, but they don’t be expecting power slide. All though, it can change the power sliders.


  • Unusual White color
  • Long-lasting
  • Ideal for learners
  • 101A durometer, which kinds them quick and gripper


  • Not ended for selected silly stunts and guiles

Pro Skateboard Wheels_best skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Cruising

The orangatang kegel is known for his large diameter racing good skateboard wheels. These types of the wheels have 88mm long and 56mm inclusive, this product provides the finest hold for any place.

These items use the urethane which avoids you starting sliding out the track.

Later the diameter is massive of these items, that’s why come to be additional quickness, the stability of grip and slide reply. The shooter inner lip has a subtle inwards bevel.

Its bottomless valley-shaped irritated unit is mentioning here because it reduces the mass while given that the more speed, acceleration, and hard fall. These items have remained verified and established ended the ages for their stability and act.


  • Greatest simple longboard
  • Proposal all-out hurry and hold
  • Can bowl over whatever
  • Extreme grip
  • Big helpful central


  • If they are used too much in any ground, at that time they chip easily.

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Cruising_skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill Cruising

The orangatang skateboard wheels model is solid with 75mm. In this profile made for the maintain the speed with the help of the sharp edges, better grip, and thickness. This item also provides the energy at the figure, rolls or once you pumping.

These item design for maintain the hold and have even touch on the nearly at any street.

They don’t glide correct because of the firm hold and shape ends. You have to trip them a small piece to create them simply slide.

This item is finished for speed boarding in the max quickness and forceful road courses since of their dimensions and thickness of the space.

Overall, it gives exceptional act, stability, traction, and hold with the way. If you want to get the more speed that times these skateboard wheels are good for our.


  • Longboard
  • Quick and well-proportioned
  • Maximum traction
  • Solid and helpful core stability



  • No disadvantages

Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill Cruising_ skate wheels_skateboardertoday

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Spitfire Bighead 52mm

The 52mm spitfire is no less as compared to others. This item comes into the seven colors and proposals.

This item is ended in the USA and derived with a promise touching any industrial faults.

This wide wheel profile surface made operated with a 99a durometer, you get the most quickness, grip during the riding.

This item is really good for the pools, parks, boulevards, and perfectly for the expert riders.


  • Radical urethane finished
  • Long-lasting, fast and embraces
  • Perfect for beginner


  • Not perfect for professional riders who need the traction

Spitfire Bighead 52mm_good skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Spitfire Formula 4 101d Classic 53mm White W Red

It is also another classical design of the skate wheels. This item is also looking good in the color and designs.

This item has a common figure and mostly perfect for all situations. This type of product for the smooth surface, so the friction is too low as related to put your foot ones.

The main element of this item is four Urethane, which offers an matchless scratch battle, so you get the extra hold as you quickness.

Since, it has a slim trip exterior, which made for the quickness and extreme manage and value your ready.


  • Formula four Urethane for the better grip and more speed
  • Standard figure
  • Plane area
  • Reasonable


  • No disadvantages

Spitfire Formula 4 101d Classic 53mm White W Red_skateboard cruiser wheels_skateboardertoday

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Santa Cruz Skateboards Slime Balls Neon Green

The Santa Cruz item is too expensive, other than they are good for the investing purpose. These types of skateboard wheels are good in the pictures, sign, and symbol to increase their performance.

The Santa Cruz items take the assurances that no behavior seat extend, no relaxing and no quickness at totally.

The durometer is97a, which a little bit low. These rolls have an incredible quickness, grip, when regular over any land.

The area is finished so smooth, to perform the betters slide and perform the stunts.


  • The happy neon Green color that lights in the dim
  • Great hurry, and hold
  • Solid with a plane area for relaxed sliding


  • Price is a little bit high

Santa Cruz Skateboards Slime Balls Neon Green_best skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Ricta Clouds 86a

The Ricta Clouds skateboard wheels are not normal skateboards. They are wonderful energetic and very fast, which gives the best ride on the coarsest planes.

These skate wheels are thin and small and good for the taping and traveling round the city.

The surface made the smooth for this type of skate wheels because this type of skate wheels coating the hold and grip.

Once you didn’t purchase it, at that time you will regret.


  • Very flat for well hold and grip
  • Great bubbly and very quick
  • Current figure


  • Expensive

Ricta Clouds 86a_skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday

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Spitfire Bighead 53mm White W Green

The Spitfire Bighead wheels are a set of 4 skate wheels, which have a 53mm diameter and 99a durometer for the solidity, quick, grip, and hold on the road. These good skateboards wheels are gives the best skill of your lifetime.

These skate wheels have the more extra width, which provides the easy sliding. For the ride on the street and road, the entire manufacturing item works smoothly and prevents all nice of clothing and tear.


  • 53mm diameter
  • 99a durometer
  • Additional quickness, grip, and hold
  • Take the responsibility for any industrial faults


  • Shipping takes also extended

Spitfire Bighead 53mm White W Green_good skateboard wheels_skateboardertoday


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How to connect the best skateboard wheels

I know, my information is very helpful for you. Now, I am telling about the installing the best skateboard wheels?

Firstly, we will start the whole process under your guideless because without good skateboard wheel your skateboard is waste or the cost of the repairing is very high.


How to select the best skateboard wheels

We identify the current time best skateboards wheels are created from polyurethane.

Before, the starting installation of skateboards, it is must to know how to select the best skateboard wheels?

So, now I will clarify what equipment to aspect on skateboards wheels when you are purchasing the good skateboard wheels.


The best main thing is the diameter of the best skateboard wheels.

The diameter calculated in millimeters (mm).

Usually, the range of the diameter is 50-75 mm in the market.

A roll which is minor in the size, which gives them a relaxed ride and go, will fast.

To give a well hint of how a specific choice will select for your good skateboard wheels, here I will tell you.

Those riders, who are the beginner, the 50-53 mm small good skateboard wheels are perfect for the beginners and it also provides the constancy for the trick riding.

The 54-59 mm best skateboards wheels size good for the average or beginners riders.

The 60+mm skateboard cruiser wheels size finished for the expert riders or specially made with a longboard, these good skateboard wheels can move on any land and it made for the speed.

If you are a beginner, at that time you should start with small items (50-3 mm).



The most main thing is the Durometer is the amount of solidity. For example: – the diameter, the value is high, at that time the best skateboard wheels are hard.

Basically, the durometer best value is 99a. This restrained on Durometer a Scale (a 100—point scale).

Some Manufacturing uses the B scale, measuring 20 points lower and allowing the scale an extra 20 points for harder best skateboard wheels.

For an example, 80b durometer skateboard wheels. It has the same has the same hardness as a 100a.

These types of best skateboard wheels are usually wide and the more precise in the hardness range.

So, you think about, does the ride fast with the hard good skateboard wheels?

Your answer is “yes”, you do that.

If you like the skate wheels, then you go for the softer ones. These good skateboard wheels good for a smooth surface like skate parks.

Contact Patch

The contact patch is additional piece of your skateboard wheels as it has an effect on your art.

It is field of the best skateboard wheels which makes interaction with the street.

The best skateboard wheels which are large will also have a large contact patch.

If the interaction cover is minor, at the time the body load will be thin over a small part and vice versa.

A minor connection will boost the density of urethane in your good skateboard wheels and finally decrease its rolling confrontation, slow down the best skateboard wheels.

The squares of skate wheels provide the more pavement, as compare to round one’s wheels.


Which shape to choose?

To grow the good skateboard cruiser wheels, a shape is playing the major factor. Overall, we have a extended method and have learned how to modify our wheel built on our riding skill.

There are two shapes, which is the following:-

  • Sharp-lip shape
  • Round-lip shape


Sharp-lip shape

If you are like the skateboard riding, that time cruising, carving, and slalom, sharp lip shape is perfect for you. It item offers the more grip, especially during hard turns.

 Round-lip shape

Those riders who love to execute the sliders and carve or anyone who is knowledge power slide, wheels with the round-tip profile will offer you the best finish. 


We have honorably expended times in the inquiry. So we find the good skateboard wheels & good skateboard helmets for you.




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